Single Hung Vinyl Windows

Single Slider Vinyl Windows
  • Air Tightness: A3/FIXED
  • Water Resistance: B4
  • Wind Load Resistance: C4
Available Sizes:
  • Width: 23-72
  • Height: 15-50


The practical and economical window is ideal for small rooms within the home. Single slider operates horizontally (side to side). One sash doesn't open and the other sash is operable. Single Slider includes the screen that covers half of the window which allows a clear view through the other half. The operable sash moves sideways and tilts into the room for easy cleaning purposes. Single slider tilt comes with 3 1/4" welded frames and sashes, 7/8" thermal warm edge sealed units, sash interlock that provides good security as well as air-tightness, triple weather stripped sashes, recessed locking latches for improved appearance and Insta Lock shoes for added security.

Main features:

  • 3 1/4" fusion-welded frame and sash corners for strength
  • multi-chambered design insulates and prevents condensation
  • horizontal operating sash tilts in, permitting easy exterior cleaning from inside
  • full aluminum reinforced interlocking sash maximizes security and minimizes air infiltration
  • screens are available on end operators only (end vent) and are removable
  • heavy-duty cam action locking system for added security
  • flush mount low profile locks provide unobstructed views
  • available with double or triple pane Solar Solutions glazing options
  • 7/8" double-strength glass with warm edge S-Class super spacer
  • double locks over 30 inches in Height

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