Awning Vinyl Windows

Awning Vinyl Windows
  • Air Tightness: A3
  • Water Resistance: B7
  • Wind Load Resistance: C4
Available Sizes:
  • Width: 16-60
  • Height: 12-48


The awning window adds a level of elegance and tradition to any house and the way that only an awning window can. Their unique design allows them to open out from the bottom so that allowed to circulate into/from the house while it's raining or snowing outside. Visage Windows and Doors offers awning windows in single, stacked or side-by-side styles. The structure of the awning window is very similar as casement window which is 3 1/4" welded frame and sash, crank handle, premium lever lock, triple white co-extruded weather-strip sealing , 7/8" thermal warm edge sealed units, weather drainage channels hidden in front of exterior weather-stripping, removable spring loaded internal screens. Both homeowners and architects alike favour the awning in kitchens bathrooms and basement.

Main features:

  • HC-126 Awing Features and Benefits
  • 3 1/4" fusion-welded frame and sash corners for strength
  • multi-chambered design insulates and prevents condensation
  • exclusive contoured profile for a hand-crafted appearance
  • triple co-extruded weather-strip sealing for added insulation value
  • top-mounted sash hinge allows 45 degree opening from bottom
  • easy-clean, removable overlap internal screen
  • Premium hardware for effortless operation
  • double multi-point locking system provides additional security
  • available with double or triple pane Solar Solutions glazing options
  • 7/8" double-strength glass with warm edge S-Class super spacer

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